I started up my company di Francia in 1987 in a tiny studio apartment in San Francisco. My first collections featured special occasion accessories and petite creations which resonated with local retailers surprisingly well. Building on that success, my brand quickly exceeded my wildest dreams by expanding nationally through Victoria’s Secret Stores. After my team was set-up to manufacture my designs, I decided to follow my heart north to Alaska in 1989. For fourteen years we continued to make bridal and special occasion accessories for retail shops throughout the U.S.. including private labeling for Victoria’s Secret Stores, which was an amazing and very prosperous adventure.

Feeling a need to create and develop collections with fibers other than silk, satin and lace as well as feeling a desire to connect more intimately with my customer base inspired me to launch my One-of-a-Kind fiberart business di Francia FiberArt  in early 2000. With a focus on millinery, petite creations, felting and so much more, my studio became a treasure trove of textiles from all over the world. Customers  began coming to me for inspiration. Often they would ask “how did you do that” or “where do you come up with all these ideas”? So I decided to answer those questions in a new way by developing a collection of  D I Y Kits that offer instruction and patterns for unique projects that I have designed.

I like to make unusual things and it is often my mistakes that opens up to a new idea or technique to be born. Many of  my projects are small but they incorporate ideas to take with you into bigger, more elaborate creations. You will also notice that many projects combine several techniques. For instance combining InterLace with hand felting & embroidery. This is how I have expanded my repertoire of techniques over the years which inspires more interesting and complex results.

My D I Y InterLace Kits and HeartFelt InterLace Kits are a workshop in a package, to teach, to inspire, to expand your imagination and spirit of adventure. To have a marvelous time creating an InterLace design.

Suzanne di Francia is a textile designer with over 30 years of textile design and product development. Her approach has been shaped by some of the world’s most demanding textile buyers. Suzanne’s current focus is on publishing D I Y FiberArt Kits which reflect her appreciation of beautiful textiles with great color, texture and fine-detailing.