Noro Silk Garden Scarf – InterLace Kit

Noro Silk Garden Scarf – InterLace Kit



InterLace is an openwork technique consisting of a network of yarns formed by hand into intricate designs. Sulky Fabri-Solvy stabilizer is used as the canvas and Noro Silk Garden yarn is the color palette to fabricate each project. Fabric structure is developed by bonding the intermeshed yarn strands together with machine stitching, creating a new piece of fabric as if by magic.

Included in this D I Y InterLace Kit:

* Noro Silk Garden Yarn - 50g/100m ( x 1.5 hanks)  Fiber Content: 45% Silk, 45% Mohair and 10% Wool.

* Soluble Stabilizer Tacky Paper - 7" x 60"
* Soluble Stabilizer Film Sheet -9" x 62"

* Free-form Color Play Instructions with Color Photos, Illustrations and Design Inspiration Pointers

Materials and Items You Will Need:
* Sewing machine
* Thread for machine stitching
* Pins, scissors, tape
* Tap water and plastic bin for rinsing
* 2 tsp. vinegar for water/vinegar bath

You will need simple sewing notions and basic sewing skills to complete this project.



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